زبان انگلیسی متوسطه اول و دوم

زبان انگلیسی متوسطه اول و دوم

لطفاً به آرشیو موضوعی مراجعه کنید

He went out to his car. Something was wrong. He looked at the left rear tire. It was flat. There is probably a nail in the tire, he thought. He had to change the tire. He opened his trunk. He pulled out the spare tire. He pulled out the jack. He pulled out the lug nut wrench. He took the hubcap off the flat tire. He jacked up the car. He took off all four lug nuts. He pulled the flat tire off the car. He put the spare tire on the car. He tightened the lug nuts. He lowered the car to the ground. He put the hubcap on the spare tire. He put the flat tire into the trunk. He put the jack and the lug nut wrench into the trunk. He shut the trunk. He went into his apartment and washed his hands.

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لطفا به آرشیو موضوعی مراجعه کنید

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The emergency number is 911. The emergency number is for emergencies. An emergency is a fire. An emergency is a crime. An emergency is an accident. Steve dialed 911. "What is your emergency?" asked the dispatcher. "They put a tomato on my hamburger," said Steve. "Excuse me?" said the dispatcher. "They put a tomato on my hamburger. I hate tomatoes. I told them no tomatoes!" The dispatcher said, "Sir, a tomato is not an emergency." The dispatcher hung up. Steve dialed 911 again. "What is your emergency?" asked the same dispatcher. "They put a tomato on my hamburger. I hate tomatoes!" Steve said. The dispatcher asked, "Where are you? I will send the police." Steve said he was at Burger King. The police arrived at Burger King. They put Steve in the back of their police car. They took him to jail.

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ضمايم پرسشی پرسشهای کوتاهی هستند که به انتهای يک جمله (در انگليسی محاوره‌ای) افزوده می‌شوند.

به جملات زير دقت کنيد:

  • You are a teacher, aren't you?
      (شما يك معلم هستيد، اينطور نيست؟)

  • Farhad works hard, doesn't he?
    (فرهاد سخت کار مي‌کند، اينطور نيست؟)

در مثالهای بالا aren't you و doesn't he ضمايم پرسشی هستند.


قواعد ساختن ضمايم پرسشي

1- ضمايم پرسشی از دو کلمه ساخته می‌شوند: يک ضمير فاعلی پس از يک فعل کمکی:


جمله اصلی           

+ ضميمه پرسشی

Tom is a student,

 isn't   he?




2- فاعل آن با فاعل جمله اصلی مطابقت می‌کند:

  • Jim plays football, doesn't he?

  • The students will be arriving soon, won't they?


3- فعل کمکی آن با فعل کمکی جمله اصلی مطابقت می‌کند، با اين تفاوت که:

الف- اگر جمله اصلی مثبت باشد، «ضميمه پرسشی» منفی، و اگر جمله اصلی منفی باشد «ضميمه پرسشی» مثبت خواهد بود.

  • It wasn't an interesting film, was it?

  • They will finish their job, won't they?

  • You wouldn't tell anyone, would you?

ب- اگر هيچ نوع فعل کمکی در جمله اصلی وجود نداشت از does، do و يا did (با توجه به زمان جمله) استفاده می‌کنيم:

  • He plays the piano, doesn't he?

  • You look well today, don't you?

  • You sold your car, didn't you?


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He looked at his watch. It was time for the bus. Where was the bus? He was at the bus stop. He stood up. He looked down the street. No bus. He looked up the street. No bus. Where in the world was the bus? It was time for the bus to arrive. He sat down on the bench. It was getting cold. The wind was blowing. He didn't have a jacket. He was wearing shorts. He was wearing flip-flops. His head was cold. His arms were cold. His legs were cold. His feet were cold. His toes were cold. His toes were turning blue. Where was the bus? He stood up again. He looked down the street. He saw the bus! It was coming. In a minute he would be on the warm bus. In a minute his nose would be warm. His hands would be warm. His whole body would be warm. How nice! The bus arrived. But it didn't stop. It kept going. It was the wrong bus. He looked at his watch again. Where was the bus?

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Bill Gates
If you born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor it's your mistake.

بیل گیتس:

اگر فقیر به دنیا آمده‌اید، این اشتباه شما نیست اما اگر فقیر بمیرید،
این اشتباه شما است.

  Swami Vivekananda
In a day, when you don't come across any problems, you can be sure
that you are traveling in a wrong path.

سوآمی ویوکاناندن

در یک روز، اگر شما با هیچ مشکلی مواجه نمی‌شوید، می توانید مطمئن باشید
که در مسیر اشتباه حرکت می‌کنید.

William Shakespeare
Three sentences for getting SUCCESS:
a) Know more than other.
b) Work more than other.
c) Expect less than other

ویلیام شکسپیر

سه جمله برای کسب موفقیت:

الف) بیشتر از دیگران بدانید.

ب) بیشتر از دیگران کار کنید.

ج) کمتر انتظار داشته باشید.

  Adolph Hitler
If you win you need not explain, But if you lose you should not be
there to explain.

آدولف هیتلر

اگر تو برنده باشی، نیازی نیست به کسی توضیحی دهی، اما اگر بازنده باشی،
نیازی نیست آنجا باشی تا به کسی توضیحی دهی.

  Alien Strike
Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you
are insulting yourself.

آلن استرایک

در این دنیا، خود را با کسی مقایسه نکنید، در این صورت به خودتان توهین کرده‌اید.

  Bonnie Blair
Winning doesn't always mean being first, winning means you're doing
better than you've done before.

بونی بلر

برنده شدن همیشه به معنی اولین بودن نیست. برنده شدن به معنی انجام کار،
بهتر از دفعات قبل است.

    Thomas Edison
I will not say I failed 1000 times, I will say that I discovered there
are 1000 ways that can cause failure.

توماس ادیسون

من نمی‌گویم که ١٠٠٠ شکست خورده‌ام. من می‌گویم فهمیده‌ام ١٠٠٠ راه وجود
دارد که می‌تواند باعث شکست شود.

    Leo Tolstoy
Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

لئو تولستوی

هر کس به فکر تغییر جهان است. اما هیچ کس به فکر تغییر خویش نیست.

    Abraham Lincoln
Believing everybody is dangerous; believing nobody is very dangerous.

آبراهام لینکلن

همه را باور کردن، خطرناک است. اما هیچکس را باور نکردن، خیلی خطرناک است.

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life,
then it means they had never tried a new thing in their life.


اگر کسی احساس کند که در زندگیش هیچ اشتباهی را نکرده است، به این معنی
است که هیچ تلاشی در زندگی خود نکرده.

Never break four things in your life: Trust, Promise, Relation &
Heart. Because when they break they don't make noise but pains a lot.


در زندگی خود هیچوقت چهار چیز را نشکنید.

اعتماد، قول، ارتباط و قلب. شکسته شدن آنها صدائی ندازد ولی دردناک است.

    Mother Teresa
If you start judging people you will be having no time to love them.

مادر ترزا

اگر شروع به قضاوت مردم کنید، وقتی برای دوست داشتن آنها نخواهید داشت.

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درس هایی از قرآن-استاد قرائتی

قرائت قرآن (آنلاین) استاد پرهیزکار

تفسیر نور از استاد قرائتی

قرآن کریم با ترجمه فارسی و انگلیسی

فرهنگ موضوعي تفاسير قرآن (3 جلد)   

قرآن كريم با ترجمه فارسي و انگليسي

یاور علی (ع)

فرهنگ موضوعي تفاسير قرآن (3 جلد)

زیارت عاشورا

سایتهای مراجع تقلید(فارسی و انگلیسی)

نشریه نگاه


انگلیسی راهنمایی و دبیرستان

ضمن خدمت فرهنگیان

از دبستان تا دانشگاه

انگلیسی را با شنیدن یاد بگیرید

مجلات رشد آموزش وپرورش

پایگاه کتابهای درسی

فرهنگ انگلیسی و فارسی

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فرهنگ آریانپور

کتابخانه مجازی ایران

ترجمه متن انگلیسی به فارسی

طرح اشکالات زبان انگلیسی

آپلود فایل و عکس رایگان


ترجمه گوگل


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